The Femmenessence (Maca-GO™) range is for women at each stage of life. Whether you’re a young woman seeking relief from the discomfort associated with monthly menstrual cycles, a woman preparing her body for optimum fertility and pre-conception health, experiencing menopausal symptoms, or looking to improve hormone production in later years to support heart, bone and mental health, Femmenessence has been proven to help by optimizing your own hormone production and balance based on your biological stage of life. In 2006, NHI published the final papers on five years of research and double blind placebo clinical trials on Maca-GO™ (the ingredient in Femmenessence). These results demonstrated improvements in hormone balance, cholesterol levels, body weight and bone density depending on a woman’s biological stage of life. This research included one of the highest reductions in menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue and mood swings seen from an herbal product clinical trial.


"The best thing a woman can do for her hormonal health."

Stefan Engelbrecht, M.D.

"Best Women’s Health Supplement"

Delicious Living Magazine,

West Expo, Los Angeles, 2012

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Femmenessence MacaHarmony™

is a concentrated and bioavailable combination of one of the strongest adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens are a unique class of herb and extremely rare in nature. Russian researchers, working exclusively to identify and determine their mode of action studied more than 4,000 medicinal plants, yet identified only 12 with true adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens have long been recognized and valued for their ability to create harmony and homeostasis (balance) in the body but only recently with certain phenotypes or sub species have we seen such a profound affect on hormones. Adaptogens have a rare ability to effect each individual and each system within the body differently, depending on whether that system is over- or under-functioning, to rebalance and finally for their almost complete lack of toxic or adverse effects. The single ingredient in Femmenessence is

Maca-GO® - a proprietary combination of the different phenotypes or subspecies of the adaptogenic herb Maca (Lepidium peruvianum).

Maca-GO® is then manufactured through a patent pending process which increases the concentration and bio availability of the full spectrum of active ingredients in the herb. There are 13 different phenotypes of Lepidium peruvianum, with many displaying different gender and age-related health benefits. Maca-GO® is a specific combination of phenotypes designed for a woman’s biology, in contrast to the men’s product - Revolution which uses a different phenotype combination called Maca-OG™. It is important to highlight that Femmenessence is currently the only herbal product that has been proven, in double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials to have statistically significant affects on hormones. We know that sounds like a sweeping statement, but it is true as our medical board and no doubt your doctor can confirm. We are so sure about it, that if you can find a clinical trial on another herbal product, published in a medical journal showing statistically significant affects on several hormones like Femmenessence we will send you a complimentary years’ supply of any one of our products.